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"An Act of Beauty, a Joy to Remember"
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If you're looking for something Extra Special and quite affordable for your special day... Something to do together to show your love and commitment for each other...Then consider releasing white birds on the steps of the church as you exit, or after you sign your marriage certificate at a garden wedding.
White doves have long symbolized peace, love, and harmony and stay together for life. Imagine the bride and groom standing together surrounded by the bridal party, and all their family and friends, having a small speech read out, then releasing two beautiful pure white doves together, flying off into the distance.

Together Forever
Or having the whole bridal party release one each, to form a small flock and circle the church, before heading off for home. Signifying the beginnings of a new life together. Birds are presented by gentlemen dressed in a white jacket, and a black bowtie.From cages covered in satin and lace.
What a stunning and memorable way to end

Your Wedding Ceremony!

"Little White Doves" is the biggest white bird release business in Australia. They are a family business that has been providing white birds for weddings for over twenty years. Only well trained, small pure white homing pigeons are used.

White Birds to commemorate:
Weddings, Special Occasions, the Passing of a Loved One.

White Dove release for weddings

"An Act of Beauty, a Joy to Remember"
For your wedding day, Little White Doves offers 2 Birds for $180 and any extras at $10 each.
A Special Price applies for 10 birds for $240 and extras for $5 each

We ask for a $50 booking fee to secure your time and date. This booking fee is fully refundable up to one month before the date, and the balance paid in full 14 days prior to the wedding date.

Brian and Ann
Ph: (08) 8524 3644